These are the two most typical words used to describe the taste of semen. Quite often there is a complaint about a chlorine-like stink. This frequently occurs and isn't a reason to think that there's a single thing wrong with your sperm.

You cum is mostly a product of the substances which you consume. That means that the foods you eat will affect your ejaculate composition, and obviously its taste.

What Can I Try to eat In order to Make My Sperm Taste Outstanding?

Semen may well never taste "good" to many, while other people probably enjoy the taste of it. Flavor is simply too subjective, but what you are going to learn in this article may with any luck , help you make your own cum taste a little less sour, and even more delicious.

Specific foods have got reputations for helping sperm taste better, for example:
pineapple - pineapples (and juice) tends to make semen much sweeter tasting
celery - helps in reducing bitterness of sperm occasionally
fresh fruit - generally melons, fruit would seem to help make sperm taste sugary
cinnamon - can help cover up unusual sperm tastes
normal water (crucial) - a great deal of water every day to purge harmful toxins from the system
Non-meat eaters have reputations for possessing greater tasting semen than meat eating men. This is not merely as a result of extra fruits and veggies and 'healthy' foods that vegans eat, but additionally what they do not eat.

Things That Could Help make Semen Taste Awful

If you can find things that help make your semen taste good, there's got to be some things that make it taste undesirable:
heavy cigarette smoking can make semen taste bitter and usually accounts for an awful taste
garlic as well as onions bring their particular flavor to semen from time to time
foods with a large sulfur content (broccoli family, meats, beans, nuts & seeds, and so forth)
It is really alright to consume these types of foods, but try not to take in too many, particularly at one sitting. If you insist upon eating lots of protein, you must try to drink additional water to purge the digested proteins out because this appears to be one of the primary offenders associated with bad cum taste, as do milk products.

"Are There Any Sperm Taste Health supplements?"

Of course! Yummy Cum is a suppliment made out of pineapple extract, spices, together with other natural substances that will make your sperm taste great while not having to change your eating habits!

It's a scientifically verified truth that particular foods and drinks (like pineapple juice) can affect the way your sperm tastes and smells, but who wants to drink a gallon of pineapple juice on a daily basis? For starters, pineapple juice is expensive! To get the same amount of active ingreditents in Yummy Cum you would need to drink about $200 in pineapple juice each month. Not forgetting the fact that your girl most likely wouldn't have time to have any fun with you because you'll be running to pee every ten minutes! Yummy Cum works off the same “you are what you eat” concept, but reduces all those foods down in to an easy to take tablet.

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